As national lockdown directives and measures begin to change, we expect to soon be able to open our parishes and resume limited services, in line with appropriate social distancing guidelines.

To facilitate this, we kindly request every member of our congregations to register his or her details in order to maintain and build a robust system of communication between the Church and its members, and to ensure that every person has an equal and fair opportunity to register for, and attend, future services once they are reinstated.

Please choose your parish from the list below and follow the instructions. You will then receive an email guiding you to download the ‘MyChurch’ App from the App Store or Google Play Store to your mobile device. Once downloaded, and when parish services resume, you will be able to personally register for liturgical and non-liturgical services through the app.

For those unable to personally complete this registration, for technical or any other reason, assistance is available in your parish. Please contact your parish priest(s) or one of the servants for assistance.

لكل من يصعب عليه اتمام التسجيل لاي سبب الكتروني او فني او اي سبب أخر يرجي الاتصال باحد اباء الكنيسة او الخدام للمساعدة

A message from HE Archbishop Angaelos

“While we are separated by distance, we gladly anticipate and await the day when we can once again be united in our parishes that have been at core to our personal and communal growth and nurturing for many years. For this purpose, and to be well prepared in advance, we are starting this registration process for two reasons: the first, to ensure that every member of our diocese is provided with the best pastoral care possible in these challenging times, and beyond; and the second, so that you will all be able to register for and safely attend services, once they resume, in line with national guidance and good social distancing measures.

Looking forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible, I continue to pray that you are all well and in good health, and that every moment of your lives is blessed with comfort, reassurance, and confidence that we are in the faithful hands of our gracious, loving and almighty God.”

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Select your parish
from the list below

St. George Cathedral,
St. Mark,
St. Mary and Archangel Michael,
Golders Green
St. Mary and Pope Kyrillos,
St. Mary and St. George,
East London
St. Mary and St. Mercurius,
St. Mary and St. Mina, New
St. Mary and St. Shenouda,
St. Paul Ministry,